Save Thousands on Your Next Mortgage

          Save Thousands on Loan Fees When You Purchase Your Home

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          Have you heard of Keller Mortgage yet?

          It’s an exclusive loan program offered ONLY to home buyers that are working with a Keller Williams agent (Like the Sandy Hartmann Group!) or buyers who are purchasing a home listed by a Keller Williams agent (also like us!).

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          It’s a program that was created to help home buyers get the home they want, while saving thousands of dollars on their loan expenses. Here are a few highlights of the Program:

          ZERO Origination Fees

          ZERO Application Fees

          ZERO Processing Fees

          ZERO Underwriting Fees

          $1,000 credit at closing for loans that are $150,000 or more

          Appraisal is ordered on DAY 1 of your contract timeline- with no cost risk to our buyers if the deal falls through!

          The entire application can be done online, easily and at your home or on the go from your phone

          Our lenders underwrite your loan up front, giving you an advantage right from the time you put your 1st offer in on a home

          This program is offered for the following loan types- Conventional, FHA, VA and Jumbo Loans up to $3M

          Rates are usually the same or better as traditional lenders!

          Now that you have all the highlights, what’s holding you back? Download our handy home search app now to get access to this program and to get started today!

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